About EdaLouise

Welcome to the EdaLouise Blog.  I hope that you find some information on this blog useful and that you take part in any discussions that may arise.

About us

The company is called EdaLouise after my Great Great Aunt, who was a woman born before her time.  She believed in women’s rights and being treated as an equal.  She was born in the late 18 hundreds and managed to marry for love in her 40s.

Great Great Aunt EdaLouise could never understand why her brother, would become head of the family because of his sex.  Indeed EdaLouise once visited her brother in London, give him a bottle of gin and asked him to sign away half of his inheritance to her so she could become financially independent.  A long legal battle soon followed.

Unlike EdaLouise, I have been born in an age where women (in the Western World) are expected to stand on their own two feet and become financially independent.  History is amazing, how a few years can change the attitude of so many people and how expectations can alter our career paths.

For my part, I love being independent and running my own business.  I love the fact that I can make my own decisions and I can choose what I do, when I do it and of course, how I do it.

This is why I have started this online shop. I am passionate about the Triloghy products and have used them for many years.  I also excirted by the fact that I have manage to find a product for men that offers the same quality and ethical standards, Rehab London.  I have personally chosen all the products on this site an I hope you enjoy using them.


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